New to My Ears (2) Sir Sly

I’d heard of the two songs below before- but I’d never gone Sir Sly digging before tonight. The result is an addition to my Christmas List this year. (Here)

Live is always my true test, and these are impressive. In this and this, even with the bass, you can clearly hear that his voice sounds just as good live as it does in the audio.


Song Live:

Their whole band seems pretty talented. From the looks of it, they all seem able to play multiple instruments, and I believe I might have seen each of them sing at one point or another. I enjoy Landon’s muddy voice. It soothes and relaxes me.


Song Live:

There is really not much to be found about this band out there on the interwebs. Other than their Facebook and Twitter. The only thing that I found that gave me any useful information was this article. It essentially said that the three members of Sir Sly have been signed to three labels. It was written earlier in the year and since then their album You Haunt Me has been released. It seems to me that they just want to make music. Something I read suggested that they were pretty allusive, nameless, when they first started- and when they talk about themselves in this article they don’t bother giving away much about their lives.

Additionally, I proudly enjoy their font. It feels very simple and masculine, like they’re signing every song personally…


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